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In addition to the products that bloom people's lives on a daily basis, we realized that some specific market demands came to our brand periodically. With this, we opened the range and gradually started to develop other fronts of action beyond the retail point of sale.


Is there a better feeling than the excitement of a wedding? For us, it has been a great pleasure to be part of such unique moments for the brides and grooms of Luxo Natural. With the delicacy of the flowers and the special touch that only our brand gives, we help to make this occasion even more remarkable. From lapels, crowns for the bridesmaids, hair arrangements, gifts for the bridesmaids to the much dreamed of bridal bouquet, we are there to beautify the event and guarantee smiles at this moment. In short, it was a match! After all, marriage is a relationship that is blossoming.


Flowers make days lighter. And why not extend this to the work environment? The celebration of a goal achieved, the achievement of a new important client for the company, the reward for the team's work, the employee's birthday... all of this can gain a more cheerful and colorful tone. Our corporate kits (you can assemble them as you wish!) have been gaining strength in companies, as they carry with them feelings of gratitude, respect, recognition, and affection towards work partners!

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Receiving flowers is good, isn't it? Imagine, then, the possibility of receiving them every week! Our floral subscriptions came precisely so that, weekly, you can receive arrangements or bouquets wherever you prefer! Besides giving a special touch to the place, the flowers beautify the space and leave it more fragrant and with good vibes. There are several possibilities, so just check with your nearest store for combos of this type of service.


Yes, this topic fits into our retail business, but we need to highlight the special occasions that move us, shake up and completely change our annual calendar! This is when creativity runs wild to bring novelties that can keep up with market trends and thrill our customers! Secretary's Day, Friend's Day, Father's Day (they also deserve and like flowers!) and other celebrations, besides the most obvious ones, are like milestones for us, because we believe that there are always reasons to celebrate and, of course, flower around!

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