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Did you know that more than 19 million people are starving in Brazil? 

As a brand that thinks about the good of the planet and society, we could not fail to do our part. We believe in a better and fairer Brazil and, for this reason, we want to be part of the change. 

We found in the purpose of the NGO Banco de Alimentos a very noble cause allied to an opportunity to do good to those in need, aiming to eradicate hunger in our country.

The NGO has been active since 1998 helping people in a situation of food insecurity by combating food waste. A state of food insecurity is when there is no guarantee that we will have enough to eat at the next meal. An unacceptable situation, especially here in Brazil, which breaks agribusiness records and wasted 23.6 million tons of food in 2019.

Today the NGO has more than 64 social investors and benefits about 23,000 people daily with its amazing social work.

We donate a monthly amount that yields, on average, 800 meals per month - part of our income is destined especially for this social work and this institution. 

Your purchase or donation will contribute so that 42 charities receive nutritious and quality food, so that more and more needy communities affected by the pandemic receive basic food baskets and other donations...

We can all do a little, and this little bit can transform the world! Come with us: the more flower, the less hunger!

With love, especially for you

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