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With the first franchise opened in São Luís-MA, we are the first Flower Shop in Brazil to open franchises in the flower shop market, with an exclusive structure for the franchisee, that is, without the action/dependence of local partners. Today, there are more than 10 franchises spread throughout the country, in addition to our own store operations.

Growing with structure and responsibility is our motto and, therefore, we focus on providing all the apparatus and support that the franchisee needs, in terms of processes, technology, and training. Thus, we are much more focused on quality than on quantity, because we understand that the franchisee's investment is, above all, a conviction that our brand will meet his personal expectations.

*The commercialization and implementation of new Luxo Natural franchises will only be available will only be available as of 2023. But of course you can already register in the register in the form below.


You'll have our support

Support in the choice, architectural design and structuring of the point

We are pioneers

First Flower Shop in Brazil to establish itself in the Franchise market

Diverse mix of products

More than one option of business model

Available Services

Marketing and digital communication services

We provide orientation

Management team, at the Franchiser, available for orientation

Practiced Fees

Franchise Fee

It is related to the granting of the right to use the trademark

Royalty Percentage

Fixed percentage that is related to the franchisee's gross revenue

Marketing Fee

Fixed percentage related to the franchisee's gross revenue, being reverted in the long term to strengthen the brand nationally

Business Models


U$ 32K ~ 50k

Approximate total investment ~ Estimated payback in 24 months


U$ 25K

Approximate total investment ~ Estimated payback in 24 months

Be a Franchisee

"Nothing is ours like our dreams."

With love, especially for you!

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