The Luxo... by Tati!

"We believe that flower is a symbol of affection that colors, perfumes and brings life. It is delicacy, it is the luxury of nature."

We started in 2015 from the dream of Tati, Tatiana Cavalcante, to florify Brazil by the skillful hands of our florists who are true artists. With a style inspired by the Parisian way of life, where it is not necessary to show off to exude good taste, we mix the natural beauty of flowers with references from the fashion world and phrases full of affection and poetry. Luxo Natural is elegant, creative, modern, humorous, unprejudiced, and... full of love and flower!

The important thing for us is that the beauty of nature stands out and receives its deserved value always. We love to be present in the most beautiful and loving moments.

With love, especially for you!

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Luxo Natural Produção e Comercio de Flores EIRELI

CNPJ: 07.702.466/0001-88

Address: Rua Professor Dias da Rocha, 674 – Aldeota, Fortaleza – Ceará.

ZIPCODE: 60170-285

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Contato por telefone: (85) 3032-0008

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